How To Decorate With Neutrals Without Being Boring!

Neon blue pants. Green Vans sneakers. Did I mention the matching neon blue bag? All part of my casual yet cool, high school freshman year wardrobe. 

Don't laugh yet, I'm willing to bet that you've had just as bad, if not worse in your closet at some point.

Chalk it up bad life choices. We all have stories of our past fashion "incidences" that unfortunately have been destined to haunt us forever, thanks to a little company called Kodak.

I always thought neutrals were boring. Brown? Bleh. Grey? Eww. And you'd never catch me wearing anything black. But as I've grown and my style has (thankfully) changed, I've learned that neutral doesn't just mean beige. And that neutrals are an important part of great design.

A neutral can be any color long as it doesn't compete with the main hues in a room. I like to think of a neutral as most colors, just more muted and less saturated.

Neutrals also weren't meant to be boring. If they are, then you're doing it wrong! Here are some ways to use neutrals that are hardly boring.....




black and white kitchenvia: the cabinetguide 

Using one color neutral from either end of the spectrum can create a striking effect. Especially when one is used as an accent color. Here, the majority of the kitchen is white, which could easily become dull, but the sharp black accents bring it to life.




neutral bedroomvia: Decorpad 

Texture is a great element to work into a neutral room. Even if it's subtle like the room above. The feathered wall piece in combination with the textured blanket, edgy lamp and braided rug all work together to create a more dynamic and interesting design. You can also see some visual texture with the pattern on the pillows.




neutral living roomvia: peterhomedecor 

Throwing in a few fun pieces can distract from the fact that there isn't much else going on in the room color-wise. This room is basically super white and boring, but with the modern art and the funky pillow it becomes something to look at, while still keeping a clean, modern aesthetic.




Patterned wallpapervia: Serena & Lily


Pattern is another great way to add instant excitement to a room. The colors in this space are pretty...meh, to say the least. But because the wallpaper is so bold and takes up such a large part of the wall, it gives you something to look at. Add in some mismatched pillows in the same colors and we have a winner.




Boho modern roomvia: The Editorialist LA 

My favorite way to bring in natural pops of color and bring life to a room is by using plants. Oversized plants can create drama. Smaller plants can accent a room. If you have a hard time keeping plants alive, do a little research on hard to kill plants. Some are nearly indestructible, I've found. I've had pretty good luck with snake plants, so start there!

Are you pro-neutrals? Tell me what you think in the comments <3