Modern Greenery: The Best Online Sources for Handmade Planters and Pots

Finding a new home for your plant friends can be no easy task for the design motivated green thumb. I know I've been guilty of just leaving a new plant in it's nursery given planter pot for the span of it's entire short life (sorry plant).

Fortunately, I've grown and have found some great resources that will not only pimp out your plants, but also help support the artists that make them. Win-win, right? 

My Picks:
Online sources for handmade planters and plant pots

Made in Los Angeles, these aluminum pots are made to perfectly fit his 
Octahedron Ring Planters. You can also find Eric Trine plant stands in West Elm.

2. LoopDesignStudio on Etsy

Indoor planter pot modern

These gorgeous
 planters are made from a sealed brass half sphere
and wood base. They're perfect for succulents that don't require much water,
and they also bring a bit of bling to the table.

3. Light & Ladder

Modern garden pots for your plants

Based in Brooklyn, Light & Ladder's designs are
 "inspired  by the vivid simplicity of
the natural world and the geometric lines of the modern city." They are made
in-house or by their partners, small-batch manufacturers located around the US. 

These unique wall planters are handmade from start to finish, from
locally sourced Scottish pine. They are a sustainable product and 100% made
in the UK. Bonus, you get to pick your highlight paint color.

5. TalaHomeDesign on Etsy

Fiddle fig leaf basket planter

Beach bag or planter basket? These handwoven sea grass
baskets have multiple uses...although unless you want a bag full of
dirt I'd suggest picking one and sticking to it.