As a handmade home product designer, you can imagine that I'm especially particular when it comes to designing the spaces in which I live and work.  After all, I make and interact with people that make cute stuff all day!  Bringing handmade, quality pieces into your home is a great way to personalize your space and add something completely unique.  That story about how the print on your favorite chair was designed by the artist to mimic the giraffe you saw in South Africa last year?  Priceless.

Ninety five percent of the products I've purchased for my own space are either handmade, antique, vintage, or (of course) Craigslisted.  I do a lot of that on purpose and because of that, I have a story behind almost every single thing I own.  It gives my 'things' more meaning.  You may see that I have a West Elm Parsons desk.  But you wouldn't know that I got it off Craigslist from an Interior Designer in Sausalito, borrowed a friend and her car for the day, and spent my first day in Marin drinking mimosas on the water after loading that heavy as hell desk into her car.  These are stories I can tell, and although my desk is still just a desk, when I see it I think of the fun day I had with my friend.  

This is how I view buying handmade products.  Every artist has their own process, tools, story, etc.  They designed a product, created a prototype in their studio, changed the color, altered the shape, tested the results, and undoubtedly hit small or large bumps along the way.  Each product they make has a story, and those are the things I want to be surrounded by daily.  

Here's a short list of a few makers of home design products that I find inspiring:

Wall and tabletop plant holders/terrariums - Meg A. Myers Designs

Home goods and textiles - Shapes and Colors Textiles

Removable wallpaper - Kate Zaremba Company

Vintage and refurbished home goods - Hammer & Hand

Upholstered headboards  - Shoreline Home

Wooden home accessories - Hedgehouse

Linen bedding - Linen Tales